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About the Digital Archives & Research Hub

Welcome to The National Piping Centre's Digital Archives & Research Hub. This initiative seeks to make selected resources from The National Piping Centre's archives more accessible for piping students, scholars and enthusiasts. 

In 2021 The National Piping Centre raised the necessary funds to employ the British Library's digitisation services to create high quality images of Piping Times, Piping and Dancing and International Piper archives – full collections of which are held at the BL. With a full collection of digital images – all of which contain important optical character recognition (OCR) metadata – TNPC, with development partner Mucky Puddle, started to create a fully searchable online library.

At an early stage it became apparent that the proposed platform provided an excellent opportunity to host a broader range of media, not simply the digitised magazines. Such a platform would provide the infrastructure necessary to accommodate a growing number of archives, containing various types of information that would be of great value as a research resource.

It is our ambition that 'The Archives' exists as a 'living' resource. Periodically we will add new areas to the archives and new resources to the various areas. If you would like to contribute anything to The Archives please contact us.

About The National Piping Centre

Patron HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay, KG, KT, GCB.

Founders: Sir Brian Ivory CVO, CBE, FRSE, FRSA, MA, CA - Lady Ivory, DL - Sandy Grant Gordon, CBE

The Great Highland Bagpipe is perhaps the best known of Scotland’s musical instruments and an ambassador for Scotland throughout the world. The National Piping Centre was founded as a charity to serve as a national and international centre of excellence for the instrument and its music. 

Based in the city centre of Glasgow, Scotland, we incorporate a piping school with world-renowed piping teachers. Our auditorium is used for teaching, as well as hosting special events, and we are also licensed for weddings. We also house the Museum of Piping, which is home to part of the National Museums Scotland's collection of piping artefacts, our reference library, as well as a beautifully designed, boutique 8-bedroom hotel and restaurant which serves traditional Scottish food with a modern twist.

The National Piping Centre, a charity registered in Scotland, provides facilities of the very highest quality for both the piping and non-piping fraternity. Visitors and regulars, from both home and abroad, will equally enjoy the experience, whether they come for study, performance, or pleasure.

The National Piping Centre exists to promote the study of the music and history of the Highland Bagpipe. Patron HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay, KG, KT, GCB. Founders: Sir Brian Ivory CVO CBE FRSE MA CA - Lady Oona Ivory DL MA ARCM FRSA - Sandy Grant Gordon CBE MA

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